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Digitalis (Foxglove)

With numerous colour varieties and heights ranging from 50cm to 1.5m, Digitalis (Foxgloves) are perfect for any garden wanting beautiful rich colour that also attracts bees.

Varieties currently growing:
Digitalis Alba (Sold Out)
Digitalis Camelot Creme (Sold Out)
Digitalis Camelot Rose (Sold Out)
Digitalis Candy Mountain (Sold Out)
Digitalis Dalmation (Sold Out)
Digitalis Laevigata (Sold Out)
Digitalis Obscura Sunset (Sold Out)
Digitalis Polkadot Pippa (Sold Out)


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Tall and stately foxglove plants (Digitalis purpurea) have long been included in garden areas where vertical interest and lovely flowers are desired. Foxglove flowers grow on stems which may reach 6 feet in height, depending on variety.

Most varieties are biennial, with some classed as perennials and will flower in the first year, overwinter and flower again in its second year.