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We have to be honest and tell you that we are not the easiest people to get hold of but we do have good reason. As busy professionals we have to travel a lot and often work shifts so even if we had a phone line to the nursery it is difficult to say when we would be there and that’s hardly professional when you may be waiting for a call back.

The nursery and our plants are a great way to unwind from stressful jobs. For us this is a hobby that we are really passionate about. We used to grow all the plants in a tiny front cottage garden (hence the name) but the huge polytunnel, which some generous friends offered us, has been a godsend and now we can grow hundreds of our favourite wildlife friendly plants without the worry of frost or drought (perhaps not so much the latter) doing any damage.

If you would like to know what plants we are currently growing in the nursery then the ‘Our Plants’ page shows only those currently available (or soon to be available). If you have other related questions about our plants then email or the form here is the best solution as we can answer these from wherever and at the soonest convenient time.

On occasions there maybe some slight delay to our replies but we will always get back to you.

The Front Gardeners

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